Professional Agile Leader - September 6-7, 2017 - Burlington, MA

$ 1,500.00

Course Dates: September 6th – 7th
Time: 9 AM - 5 PM Daily (lunch provided)
Trainers: Peter Koning & Marten Meij
Location: International Headquarters - Burlington, MA, USA

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In this two-day Professional Agile Leader training you will learn how you can improve your role as a Leader in the self-managing Agile environment. How do you have grip on the teams in such a way that it improves and empowers the teams and customers? Without blocking or demotivating them? You learn how to improve the customer impact, the ownership in the team, the learning cycle and the culture. 

Does this training fit me?
You have to be responsible for teams or managers in an Agile/Scrum environment. You are familiar with the Scrum-framework and are already working with Agile for more than 3 months. You want to improve your own skills, attitude and mindset.

I have the one of the following questions:

  • How do I find the balance between letting go and stepping in?
  • How do I know if my people are doing the right things?
  • How do I improve the customer impact and agility?
  • How can I motivate my people more?
  • How can I change and improve the culture?
  • Which tools, patterns and metrics will help me to steer the organization?

The focus and learning objectives of the Professional Agile Leader training

After following this training you will …
… know what a good Agile environment is;
… know what you as an Agile leader will have to do;
… know how to have grip on the Agile teams;
… have a list of action items you can start improving on;
… when to let go and when to step in;
… how you can improve the learning speed of the organization;
… practical tools to improve the culture;
… concrete ideas on how to manage the rest of the organization.

The agenda of the Professional Agile Leader training
Different topics are covered in the training. The basic agenda is the following. As Agile as the training is, we will – of course – improve the training to your specific needs and questions.

Day 1 – morning program

  • What is the role of the Agile leader?
  • What is ownership in the teams?
  • Practical tool: Ownership-model.
  • When do you step in and when to let go?
  • Practical tool: Maturity board.

Day 1 – afternoon program

  • What is customer impact?
  • Practical metric: KVI
  • How do you inspire the teams on achieving more?
  • Practical tool: Goal canvas.

Day 2 – morning program

  • How do you learn faster?
  • Practical tool: Time-to-learn
  • How do you know if your teams are doing the right things?
  • Practical tool: Validated Learning Board.

Day 2 – afternoon program

  • What is culture? What’s an Agile culture?
  • How do you improve the culture?
  • Practical tool: Habit-matrix.
  • Practical tool: GRIP Pattern.

During the training the following model will be the foundation. During the days we will cover all four areas. It will help you as an Agile leader to make your own job and responsibility practical and tangible.

Who are the trainers?
Peter Koning and Marten Meij will give this training. They have given this training already many times in the Netherlands. Peter has over a dozen years of experience as a leader in Agile environments. The past years he has developed a set of practical tools to support Agile leaders in their role. With this toolbox he supports large organizations in their adaption to Agile and a new way of organizing.
Marten is a senior Agile consultant who supports managers, leadership teams and product owners in their daily journey.